Capitão Nemo


We are a small company but with a great ambition, simply to serve well and have a satisfaction of excellence. The team, we are no more than 3 people but with the experience, attitude and common sense combined with good humor and well being. This is the main feeling we want to convey back to you. Our customer.


Capitão Nemo is a typical rescue boat (model) adapted to tourism, which guarantees exceptional safety conditions, being unsinkable due to the cameras around it. The jockey benches are wider than usual to provide you with more comfort on fantastic tours. In this way, the conditions are guaranteed for an unforgettable adventure, filled with adrenaline. Are you ready?

Barco Capitao Nemo


The Ocean Revival Park, with its four ships, is undoubtedly the best in the Algarve when it comes to diving.
The ships offer several itineraries from simple to complex that delight divers.

The Algarve is one of the European places of choice for the sport, namely Portimão with the Ocean Revival park.
The sea conditions allow diving practically throughout the year, with autumn and spring being the best months with calm waters and mild temperatures.

The waters very rich in life offer endless topics of interest for observation, investigation or imaging, even in conditions of limited visibility.

In fact, it is in those moments that we realize the countless details of the fabulous underwater world of the Algarve, full of life.

The 4 Portuguese navy ships that are part of the underwater park are:

  • Fragata Hermenegildo Capelo;
  • Corveta Oliveira e Carmo;
  • Hidrográfico Almeida Carvalho;
  • Patrulha Zambeze;

There are four warships that form a beautiful artificial reef.



Excelente passeio ao longo da costa algarvia. Saída do clube Naval de Portimão, grutas e, a cereja, os golfinhos. Tripulação e serviço fantásticos.

Selma R.

Best skipper. Best place to discover or re-discover the beach water caves. Best scuba master diver. Try it out!!! It’s a fantastic experience that worth doing over and over again!!

Nuno P.

We saw dolphins and our children loved jumping in to have a quick dip. We now have some fantastic ideas for new places we want to go back to and will definitely re-book and come again.

Amy G.